Thursday, September 29, 2011


This 'jack has been half finished on my painting table for a while now.  For some reason I just wasn't enjoying putting paint on him and progress was painfully slow.  Even once I got rolling on him this week and he was almost done I was still looking past him to other projects.

The model was originally all green but when I had finished I didn't like how he looked.  I went back in with some blacks and grays to break up the green and I'm much happier with how it looks now.

I haven't given too much thought to how this guy will run in a Magnus list.  Clearly he's an infantry death machine with Reach, Thresher, and Chain Weapon on his right arm.  POW 17 is reasonable against heavies too, although it could be better.  He'll probably get Iron Aggression for boosted attack rolls while a Nomad picks up Temper Metal and tanks damage.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Games With Jarl

I missed my chance to take Jarl to the tournament at my LGS but this past weekend I was able to play my first two games with him.

The first was a 35 point affair against a Grim list.  I brought some Champs to put Tactical Supremacy on and some Long Riders with Horthol for Quicken.  I took an early lead with my speed, killing Blythe and Bull and avoiding his Burrowers with good positioning.  Grim was able to swing it back into his favor mid game by jamming me up in the middle of the board.

By the end of the game I was in a good spot, having Jarl, a single Champ, and my Fell Caller facing off against just Grim.  I used Magic Bullet to good effect, shooting my two models in the back to get around the forest Grim was hiding in, but my damage rolls weren't up to snuff and Grim was able to use Cross Country to shoot me through the forest and grab the win.

The second game was at 50 points.  I was playing against a pVlad list my opponent was running to practice for Hardcore at Templecon.  I brought Fenns + UA, Champs, an Earthborn, Bomber, Impaler, and some support.  Again, I had a strong early game - my upkeeps gave me the ability to be where I needed to be and Jarl's feat kept me safe from from his Winter Guard Rifle Corps + Joe.  I did make one mistake in leaving my Earthborn too far forward but it turned out in my favor when his Spriggan couldn't roll damage at all - the Earthborn trashed is for free on my next turn.

Things went downhill for me from there.  My champs and Fell Caller dealth with his Doom Reavers pretty easily on my left flank but were then very much out of position.  They struggled to make it back into the main fight to help the Fennblades.  Vlad put up Signs and Portents and then his two units of Greylords used their sprays to demolish my front rank of Fenns.  The Rifle Corps + Joe were more than capable of cleaning up the rest and suddenly I was very short on models.  A turn or two of clean up later and Jarl ate a few Rifle Corps bullets to the face and died.

Overall I think Jarl has a ton of potential.  I'm just starting to figure him out and I think he could be very powerful once I know what I'm doing.  He's also a ton of fun - both games were very enjoyable from my perspective and I'm excited to get him back on the table.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Magnus the Traitor

Magnus is another beneficiary of my sickness this past weekend.  Right before I started Trolls I gave some serious consideration to a Magnus army and I'm happy he's found his way into my collection.

I've been painting a lot of miscellaneous Mercs lately because I'm thinking that, with the possible exception of Hardcore, I'll be playing them at Templecon 2012.  That's right, Templecon is sort of around the corner and I'm determined not to be forced into an epic, month long painting extravaganza like last year.  Nothing's confirmed yet but I'm thinking that pMagnus, Ashlynn, Damiano, and maybe Gorten will find themselves with painted armies by February!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jarl Skuld

I wasn't able to make the tournament this weekend due to sickness (again) but, since I was stuck at home, I took the opportunity to get some paint on Mr. Skuld.

He was a fun, quick paint job and I'm pleased with the results.  I really like the little bit of red - I did it for Grim and he's still one of my favorite Trolls to see on the table.

Jarl wasn't the only model to see some paint this weekend, just the only one to get done.  I'm in various stages of completion on Magnus the Traitor and a Mangler - look for some photos of them in the next few days.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taking Jarl For A Spin

I read a cool article this week on Lost Hemisphere about list building in a two (or three) list format.  The basic idea was that between both of your lists you should be able to handle the following:
  1. High DEF infantry (the article used Iron Fleshed Kayazy as an example - my favorite!)
  2. Multiple high ARM 'jacks / beasts
  3. Assassination attempts on your 'caster / warlock
  4. Capturing (or at least contesting) control points in scenario play
This all seems pretty intuitive but it was very helpful to have it all laid out in the article and it got me thinking about what I'd like to bring to a tournament I'm attending this weekend.  Here are my two lists.

Jarl Skuld
5 Champions
3 Long Riders
Fell Caller

I'm going to use Quicken on the Long Riders to make them SPD 9 and Tactical Supremacy on the Champs.  The list is compact, durable, hits hard, and is super fast.

Borka Kegslayer
10 Kriel Warriors
4 Krielstone Bearers
Fell Caller

Kriel Warriors take Iron Flesh and run forward to tarpit.  The heavies and Borka follow as the second wave.  They get a huge defensive benefit from the Krielstone, Janissa's wall, and the Earthborn's animus and should arrive pretty much unscathed to beat some face.

I've never played either of these warlocks but both lists look like a lot of fun so I'm excited to use them.  How do they stack up to the 4 points above?
  1. Neither list handles high DEF infantry terribly well but I think the Jarl list COULD handle it in a pinch.  The Long Rider slams will ignore the DEF along with Magic Bullet.  Also, Champions with the Fell Caller buff are MAT 9 and have two attacks each which should be fine against anything up to DEF 16.  This is the biggest weakness of my two lists.
  2. Borka has this covered.  Two very powerful heavies PLUS the +3 STR buff from the Mauler will handle anything that shows up.  Add in Borka himself and Janissa's Armor Piercing attack and I think we're good to go.
  3. Jarl is pretty squishy but with Iron Flesh and in combat Borka is DEF 17 and ARM 19.  He also has Stumbling Drunk to get him out of combat for free, Janissa's wall, and transfers when everything else fails.  He's one of the toughest (see what I did there?) warlocks to take down.
  4. I'm comfortable with both lists in scenario play.  Jarl's list in very mobile and his feat can zone out parts of the board.  Borka's has an obnoxious tarpit with the Kriel Warriors plus the fast moving Scouts to contest on the other side.
Knowing my meta, I'm the only jerk who brings Kayzay with Iron Flesh to tournaments.  Since I'm playing Trolls this time I don't expect to see them on the table.  Knowing that, I feel comfortable punting a little bit on #1 and overall, I feel good about my two lists.  They were both designed to be fun lists first but I think they'll hold up.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ghordson Driller

Looks like Blogger has a brand new interface - bear with me a little while I figure this out!

My big Merc trade a month ago had some models to start a Gorten army.  I've had my eye on the Driller for a while because of its clean lines and simple design.

Once he was all painted up I remembered that somewhere on the PP forums I had seen someone paint a big mouth with pointy teeth on the chest of a Driller (like the nose art on WWII bombers).  I gave it a go and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Not sure when this guy will see any table time though.  Gorten is at the bottom of a long list of 'casters I want to try out - pMagnus, Zerkova, and Jarl being the top 3.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August Summary

August was very busy in almost every facet of my life except hobby time.  Vacations, sickness, and work all took up way more time than I wanted.

Painting for Points
I painted my Drakhun's horse (only the rider left until all my Khador models are painted!), one of my two Renegades, and a Driller (more on him later this week).  I'm now only 4 points shy of 100 for the year so September should see me into triple digits.

New Model Fund
I started with -$7.29 and after 3 hard months of work I've finally managed to get myself into positive funds!  I didn't by anything for a third straight month so I'm looking at $42.71 for the month of September.  I know I'll be buying Jarl and Wyshnalyrr but don't plan to get anything else.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tournament Recap

Last weekend I played in my first tournament in a long time. I brought pButcher and a Tier 4 Zerkova list.

My first game was against Garryth running Mage Hunters, Sentinels, and a bunch of solos. I took Butcher because I don't know Ret well at all. My opponent played very conservatively with Garryth and he never really threatened me. I used my Kayazy to take out his Mage Hunters before ganging up on his Sentinels with my entire army. I won by assassination.

The second game was against Rasheth with three heavies, some Garotmen, and solos. I again chose Butcher to deal with the high ARM Gatormen and the three heavies. I ended up losing this game by assassination after we both killed almost everything on the table.

I'm confident that I could have won this game but I made a huge blunder that cost me the win. I was in a good position to take out two of his heavies in a single turn with Butcher's feat but forgot to declare that I was using it. I realized it right when I was done activating Butcher and then it was too late to take it back.

After that loss I wasn't able to take third so I decided to take Zerkova in my last game just to see what happened. My opponent was playing an infantry heavy Scaverous list. I have a single game with Zerkova under my belt so this game went terribly for me. Looking back on it I know I could have done better but everything was so new and I made some poor decisions with my positioning. Still fun though and I'm sure I'll give her some more table time soon.