Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Summary

Another not great month for me in the hobby department.  I've been feeling a lot more motivated in the past week and a half (I've got a bunch of models assembled and primed!) but for most of the month I was still feeling pretty listless.

Painting for Points
Only one model painted this month, my second Renegade.  Not great but I'm about 50% done with the last four Steelheads and I've got some solos primed and ready to go.  105 points total for the year.

I've already reached the goal I set myself in January of 100 points for the year, but I'm currently 13 points shy of matching what I painted last year.  We'll see what December can produce.

New Model Fund
I had $70 dollars to spend this month and I made good use of it.  My LGS was having a 20% off sale right before Thanksgiving so I took advantage and picked up Saxon, Skaldi, Wishnailer, and eEiryss for $50.  I'll have $60 for December but I imagine that I'll save that money for Christmas presents while I try to get some of my Magnus Hardcore list painted.

I'll have to make a few purchases for Templecon (Rover, Shock Troopers, and a solo or two) but otherwise I don't see too many model purchases in my future.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Templecon 2012 - Hardcore

I want to play Hardcore at Templecon this year.  I fully expect to be beaten soundly but the format seems exciting and I like the idea of playing against fully painted armies.

The 2012 format hasn't been officially announced yet but rumors on the tubes say that Killbox is still in effect, along with some kind of control zones.  That means that most likely there will be two win conditions now - 'caster kill and scenario.

I'm about 95% sure my list is ready to go.  I have plenty of time to playtest and tweak it but I imagine that there won't be too many changes.

10 Boomhowler
10 Steelhead Riflemen
Aiyana and Holt

The Battlegroup
pMagnus loves to run 'jack heavy which is perfect for the 7 minute turns in Hardcore - more 'jacks means less infantry to get stuck activating.  He also gets free upkeeps on his battlegroup so he has the focus to fuel more 'jacks than normal.

I started with the standard double Renegade.  These guys are Magnus's unofficial feat and can put a ton of damage (and knockdown!) on just about anything from most anywhere.  They've obviously got great potential as assassins but a friend recently suggested that I use them as alpha strikers - two boosted POW 16's will take out two columns on a Khador heavy with average rolls, for example.  It might be worth it to neuter Beast-09 on my first turn and snowball from there rather than wait for the perfect assassination shot.

The Mangler is my primary beatstick.  He'll get Iron Aggression all game and do his best to eat another heavy or wreck some infantry with Thresher.  The Rover is a bit of a question mark, obviously, since I haven't used him.  I picked him over a Nomad because he can get ARM 22 under Temper Metal and has the added versatility of a gun and melee weapon plus three base attacks in melee.  Time will tell if he makes the final cut.

The Units
Boomhowler is one of the best tarpits in the game and instantly gives me credibility in the scenario aspect of the game.  They're going to be very hard to peel off an objective with Super Tough and Blur.  I don't expect that they'll do any damage all game but I do expect that they'll tie up enemy stuff, zone out parts of the board, lock down any objectives, and generally be a nuisance.

The Steelheads are a flexible ranged unit that I'm still trying to figure out.  They hit pretty reliably between CRA and the reroll on misses, and the 2-man-CRA has a POW of 13, enough to beat most infantry ARM.  They can also do two MAT 10, POW 16's for 'casters, light 'jacks, and big infantry.  With Snipe they have a respectable 14" range standing still and 20" on the move.  I do have trouble keeping them alive though, so I'm going to need to learn positioning with them.

The Support
Aiyana and Holt give me the ability to throw around Magical Weapons or +2 damage while Eiryss gives me some control over enemy upkeeps and the ability to shut down an enemy 'jack.  They're also both very good ranged support pieces.  Together they help cover a ton of bases and allow the list do deal with most anything.

Saxon is in the list for Pathfinder.  In the one game I've played with this list he already demonstrated the immense value of granting Pathfinder to an entire unit and I don't see that changing.  The tables at Templecon last year had a good amount of terrain on them

Possible Changes
The most obvious change I'd make here is to drop the Rover for the cheaper Nomad and add in a solo.  The Nomad is still a respectable tank under Temper Metal (ARM 21 vs. the ARM 22 of the Rover) and it has the benefit of Reach to tie up more stuff.

Additionally, it opens up the possibility for another 2 point solo.  Right now the leading candidate is Wishnailer for the free upkeep on Snipe or Blur since they probably won't be on my battlegroup.  Another good pick is Kell for some more good ranged punch.  Another thought would be Gorman for Black Oil nonsense - there are many choices.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Renegade 2

I painted a thing!  It has been a month and a half since I last finished a model, which is a lot longer than I thought it was when I started this post.

I started this second Renegade (Thing 2)  right after finishing the Mangler but almost right away I lost my hobby mojo and he sat on my table, unloved, for about 6 weeks.  This weekend though I was watching MLG Providence on my computer and I started painting him during the breaks between games.  Without even realizing it I had the model 90% done on Sunday afternoon and I did some detail work and basing to finish it off on Sunday night.

 Now I've got a solid battlegroup for Magnus and can get stuck into some of my Merc infantry.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Magnus the Traitor on the Table

After weeks of being busy on Saturdays I was able to get down to my LGS this past weekend and play 3 games with pMagnus.

My first one was against a pVlad list that my buddy is fine tuning for Templecon Hardcore.  I've been giving some serious thought to taking pMagnus to Hardcore and the list I brought was close to what I'm thinking of using.

10 Boomhowler
10 Steelhead Riflemen
Aiyana and Holt

I started the game playing very well.  I used some clever positioning and Saxon's Pathfinder ability to allow my Steelheads to get the jump on Vlad's Winter Guard Riflemen, killing 6 and knocking a 7th down before the Winter Guard even got a shot off.  I also jammed up his Kayazy and was generally feeling good at the end of my second turn.

Then I forgot about the Kayazy's mini-feat and lost the game.  I'm particularly annoyed at myself about this because I LOVE to do this exact same thing with my Kayazy and I should have known better.  I was in a position to defend against this without any trouble and just didn't think about it.

Overall I felt good about my list.  It was performing very well against a strong player using a strong list and it was my fault that I lost.

My changes for the final list are small - drop Kell and replace the Nomad with a Rover.  I'm losing a Reach heavy and Kell's gun but I'm picking up a slightly better Temper Metal target and a strong ranged attack.  My plan with the Nomad was always to throw it out front to blunt any alpha strike since it is ARM 21 with Temper Metal.  I think the Rover, who is ARM 22 with Temper Metal, will take more punishment while also being able to fire off a few rounds before dying.

The last two games were with a very badly built tier 4 pMagnus list.  I learned that the list was every bit as bad as I thought it would be (my list, not the tier in general) but that I really enjoy playing Magnus.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Summary

This was a bad month for my toy soldiers.  I'd been feeling burned out on the hobby for a while and it kind of came to a head at the end of last month.  Some friends got me playing League of Legends and I didn't look back.

The break was good for me though.  I've started thinking about my Hardcore list for Templecon, I put some new Trolls together, and last night I picked up a brush and started working on my second Renegade.  I'm going to take it a little slow for a while and try to keep doing other things along with hobby stuff.

Painting for Points
No painted models this month - sadface.  I'm still at 103 for the year.

New Model Fund
Despite not doing anything with my models I did spend some money this month.  Before I spend any more though, I made some money!  I sold my 10 Scattergunners to another player at my LGS for 35 dollars.  I then bought Janissa, Calandra, and the Fennblade UA.  With the $35 in sales offsetting my purchases I had 40 dollars left for the month, so I'll have $70 for November.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rover Appears!

I know the internet wasn't terribly impressed with the Nomad when Wrath was released but I've been thinking he'd be a lot of fun in some Merc lists.  Yesterday Privateer released a photo of the Rover.

image from Privateer Press

Right away I'm a little apprehensive about the model.  The shoulders are huge, the shield looks weird, and the overall chassis design just doesn't do much for me.  I do think that the color scheme lets it down a little and after spinning the 360 shots I'm a little more OK with the shield, but overall I'm still a little disappointed since the artwork in Wrath is very cool.

I will be picking one of these up, however, because it is plastic and because it comes with parts for a Nomad and a Mule!  I already have a Nomad and Mule (converted from Cygnar plastics) but I'm excited to magnetize this kit and be able to use all three 'jacks.

image from Privateer Press

image from Privateer Press

Neither of these poses really strikes me much either, but the staffer who built and painted the 'jacks said that she magnetized them which is why they all look the same and that she didn't pick the paint scheme.  I'm hopeful that with a little more dynamic posing and a better color scheme the model will come together.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Epic Grissel Previewed

Privateer has put up photos of all the new epic warlocks from Domination, including epic Grissel.

image from Privateer Press

I really liked Jarl's sculpt but I'm not blown away by this one.  I think she looks a little too much like Horthol.  Granted, most anything would be an improvement over her original sculpt but I'm just now wowed by the epic version.

lady Horthol?

The text that accompanies these previews usually gives some inkling into the model's rules but in this case I'm struggling to make good guesses.

"Grissel Bloodsong stands as a bastion amid the storm devastating the lives of her people. Assuming leadership was never her goal, but she has proven worthy of shouldering the burden of Marshal of the Kriels in Ironhide’s absence. She gladly fights alongside her warriors and asks nothing of them she would not risk herself. They trust her to save them whether by shrewd words or the booming of her explosive voice and hammer on the battlefield."

I imagine she'll have a lot of infantry support and it sounds like she'll still have a spray but otherwise I don't have a clue.  Hopefully her rules are more interesting than her model!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September Summary

Painting for Points
I had hoped to break 100 points this month and I was successful!  I finished Jarl, Magnus, and a Mangler to get me up and over 100 points to 103.  I've now got 3 months to pass my previous year's total of 118 - that's 5 points a month.

New Model Fund
I've been very well behaved in recent months regarding my spending and Spetember was no exception.  I bought Jarl (or paid for him, a friend bought the model for me at Gencon) for $18 but managed to resist the temptation of other models.  I'll have $62.35 for October and I expect to use some of it as I get my Templecon prep in full gear.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


This 'jack has been half finished on my painting table for a while now.  For some reason I just wasn't enjoying putting paint on him and progress was painfully slow.  Even once I got rolling on him this week and he was almost done I was still looking past him to other projects.

The model was originally all green but when I had finished I didn't like how he looked.  I went back in with some blacks and grays to break up the green and I'm much happier with how it looks now.

I haven't given too much thought to how this guy will run in a Magnus list.  Clearly he's an infantry death machine with Reach, Thresher, and Chain Weapon on his right arm.  POW 17 is reasonable against heavies too, although it could be better.  He'll probably get Iron Aggression for boosted attack rolls while a Nomad picks up Temper Metal and tanks damage.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Games With Jarl

I missed my chance to take Jarl to the tournament at my LGS but this past weekend I was able to play my first two games with him.

The first was a 35 point affair against a Grim list.  I brought some Champs to put Tactical Supremacy on and some Long Riders with Horthol for Quicken.  I took an early lead with my speed, killing Blythe and Bull and avoiding his Burrowers with good positioning.  Grim was able to swing it back into his favor mid game by jamming me up in the middle of the board.

By the end of the game I was in a good spot, having Jarl, a single Champ, and my Fell Caller facing off against just Grim.  I used Magic Bullet to good effect, shooting my two models in the back to get around the forest Grim was hiding in, but my damage rolls weren't up to snuff and Grim was able to use Cross Country to shoot me through the forest and grab the win.

The second game was at 50 points.  I was playing against a pVlad list my opponent was running to practice for Hardcore at Templecon.  I brought Fenns + UA, Champs, an Earthborn, Bomber, Impaler, and some support.  Again, I had a strong early game - my upkeeps gave me the ability to be where I needed to be and Jarl's feat kept me safe from from his Winter Guard Rifle Corps + Joe.  I did make one mistake in leaving my Earthborn too far forward but it turned out in my favor when his Spriggan couldn't roll damage at all - the Earthborn trashed is for free on my next turn.

Things went downhill for me from there.  My champs and Fell Caller dealth with his Doom Reavers pretty easily on my left flank but were then very much out of position.  They struggled to make it back into the main fight to help the Fennblades.  Vlad put up Signs and Portents and then his two units of Greylords used their sprays to demolish my front rank of Fenns.  The Rifle Corps + Joe were more than capable of cleaning up the rest and suddenly I was very short on models.  A turn or two of clean up later and Jarl ate a few Rifle Corps bullets to the face and died.

Overall I think Jarl has a ton of potential.  I'm just starting to figure him out and I think he could be very powerful once I know what I'm doing.  He's also a ton of fun - both games were very enjoyable from my perspective and I'm excited to get him back on the table.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Magnus the Traitor

Magnus is another beneficiary of my sickness this past weekend.  Right before I started Trolls I gave some serious consideration to a Magnus army and I'm happy he's found his way into my collection.

I've been painting a lot of miscellaneous Mercs lately because I'm thinking that, with the possible exception of Hardcore, I'll be playing them at Templecon 2012.  That's right, Templecon is sort of around the corner and I'm determined not to be forced into an epic, month long painting extravaganza like last year.  Nothing's confirmed yet but I'm thinking that pMagnus, Ashlynn, Damiano, and maybe Gorten will find themselves with painted armies by February!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jarl Skuld

I wasn't able to make the tournament this weekend due to sickness (again) but, since I was stuck at home, I took the opportunity to get some paint on Mr. Skuld.

He was a fun, quick paint job and I'm pleased with the results.  I really like the little bit of red - I did it for Grim and he's still one of my favorite Trolls to see on the table.

Jarl wasn't the only model to see some paint this weekend, just the only one to get done.  I'm in various stages of completion on Magnus the Traitor and a Mangler - look for some photos of them in the next few days.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taking Jarl For A Spin

I read a cool article this week on Lost Hemisphere about list building in a two (or three) list format.  The basic idea was that between both of your lists you should be able to handle the following:
  1. High DEF infantry (the article used Iron Fleshed Kayazy as an example - my favorite!)
  2. Multiple high ARM 'jacks / beasts
  3. Assassination attempts on your 'caster / warlock
  4. Capturing (or at least contesting) control points in scenario play
This all seems pretty intuitive but it was very helpful to have it all laid out in the article and it got me thinking about what I'd like to bring to a tournament I'm attending this weekend.  Here are my two lists.

Jarl Skuld
5 Champions
3 Long Riders
Fell Caller

I'm going to use Quicken on the Long Riders to make them SPD 9 and Tactical Supremacy on the Champs.  The list is compact, durable, hits hard, and is super fast.

Borka Kegslayer
10 Kriel Warriors
4 Krielstone Bearers
Fell Caller

Kriel Warriors take Iron Flesh and run forward to tarpit.  The heavies and Borka follow as the second wave.  They get a huge defensive benefit from the Krielstone, Janissa's wall, and the Earthborn's animus and should arrive pretty much unscathed to beat some face.

I've never played either of these warlocks but both lists look like a lot of fun so I'm excited to use them.  How do they stack up to the 4 points above?
  1. Neither list handles high DEF infantry terribly well but I think the Jarl list COULD handle it in a pinch.  The Long Rider slams will ignore the DEF along with Magic Bullet.  Also, Champions with the Fell Caller buff are MAT 9 and have two attacks each which should be fine against anything up to DEF 16.  This is the biggest weakness of my two lists.
  2. Borka has this covered.  Two very powerful heavies PLUS the +3 STR buff from the Mauler will handle anything that shows up.  Add in Borka himself and Janissa's Armor Piercing attack and I think we're good to go.
  3. Jarl is pretty squishy but with Iron Flesh and in combat Borka is DEF 17 and ARM 19.  He also has Stumbling Drunk to get him out of combat for free, Janissa's wall, and transfers when everything else fails.  He's one of the toughest (see what I did there?) warlocks to take down.
  4. I'm comfortable with both lists in scenario play.  Jarl's list in very mobile and his feat can zone out parts of the board.  Borka's has an obnoxious tarpit with the Kriel Warriors plus the fast moving Scouts to contest on the other side.
Knowing my meta, I'm the only jerk who brings Kayzay with Iron Flesh to tournaments.  Since I'm playing Trolls this time I don't expect to see them on the table.  Knowing that, I feel comfortable punting a little bit on #1 and overall, I feel good about my two lists.  They were both designed to be fun lists first but I think they'll hold up.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ghordson Driller

Looks like Blogger has a brand new interface - bear with me a little while I figure this out!

My big Merc trade a month ago had some models to start a Gorten army.  I've had my eye on the Driller for a while because of its clean lines and simple design.

Once he was all painted up I remembered that somewhere on the PP forums I had seen someone paint a big mouth with pointy teeth on the chest of a Driller (like the nose art on WWII bombers).  I gave it a go and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Not sure when this guy will see any table time though.  Gorten is at the bottom of a long list of 'casters I want to try out - pMagnus, Zerkova, and Jarl being the top 3.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August Summary

August was very busy in almost every facet of my life except hobby time.  Vacations, sickness, and work all took up way more time than I wanted.

Painting for Points
I painted my Drakhun's horse (only the rider left until all my Khador models are painted!), one of my two Renegades, and a Driller (more on him later this week).  I'm now only 4 points shy of 100 for the year so September should see me into triple digits.

New Model Fund
I started with -$7.29 and after 3 hard months of work I've finally managed to get myself into positive funds!  I didn't by anything for a third straight month so I'm looking at $42.71 for the month of September.  I know I'll be buying Jarl and Wyshnalyrr but don't plan to get anything else.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tournament Recap

Last weekend I played in my first tournament in a long time. I brought pButcher and a Tier 4 Zerkova list.

My first game was against Garryth running Mage Hunters, Sentinels, and a bunch of solos. I took Butcher because I don't know Ret well at all. My opponent played very conservatively with Garryth and he never really threatened me. I used my Kayazy to take out his Mage Hunters before ganging up on his Sentinels with my entire army. I won by assassination.

The second game was against Rasheth with three heavies, some Garotmen, and solos. I again chose Butcher to deal with the high ARM Gatormen and the three heavies. I ended up losing this game by assassination after we both killed almost everything on the table.

I'm confident that I could have won this game but I made a huge blunder that cost me the win. I was in a good position to take out two of his heavies in a single turn with Butcher's feat but forgot to declare that I was using it. I realized it right when I was done activating Butcher and then it was too late to take it back.

After that loss I wasn't able to take third so I decided to take Zerkova in my last game just to see what happened. My opponent was playing an infantry heavy Scaverous list. I have a single game with Zerkova under my belt so this game went terribly for me. Looking back on it I know I could have done better but everything was so new and I made some poor decisions with my positioning. Still fun though and I'm sure I'll give her some more table time soon.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tournament this Weekend!

August has been rather sparse on the hobby front for me. It is a very busy month at work, my fiancee and I took some final weekend trips before summer is over, and I spent a week quite sick and unable to do much of anything.

Hopefully that's all out of the way now though and I can get back into a better hobby groove. This weekend I'll be attending a 35 point Steamroller tournament. I've decided to break out my Khador because I haven't played them in FOREVER and there are a few things I want to try out.

10 Kayazy + UA
5 MOW Demo Corps

This is my killy list and it is based off my 25 point Death Race list from Templecon. The Kayazy with Iron Flesh are the stars of this list - I can use them to put enormous pressure on the enemy 'caster (and probably kill him) or send them to contest an objective on their own. The Demo Corps are there as a second wave clean-up crew. For scenario play I'll probably let the Kayazy handle themselves on one side while everything else takes down the other. I think this list will be a lot of fun to play.

Zerkova (Tier 4 Hunting Wolves)
10 Kayazy + UA
Greylord Ternion

I've been interested in this theme list since it was published in NQ. I see a lot of potential for board control with this list. Ternions and Zerkova have SPD and DEF debuffs, Kayazy are a super pain to handle, even without Iron Flesh, and Widowmakers give great spot removal. Oh, and Zerkova's feat.

Where I'm concerned with this list is hitting power. I have no high POW infantry so I'll be relying on the Spriggan to do most of the heavy lifting (the Destroyer is more for Watcher Bombard shots and babysitting). The list has a ton of infantry clearing ability but not much ARM cracking. Also, I have almost zero experience with Zerkova.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Renegade (Thing 1)

I'm really enjoying painting lately. I was stuck inside this past weekend due to non-stop rain and painted up a Renegade during breaks from the Drakhun's horse. I was surprised how quickly it went and I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.

The green is the same color I did the 'jacks for Ashlynn. It starts with a GW Foundation green and I mix in yellow to build up the highlights - fast and produces good results. The '1' on his shoulder was stenciled on using a very tiny stencil I printed. The results aren't fantastic but it was a fun experiment and I'm going to do a '2' on the other Renegade I have.

I'm very excited to get this guy (and his twin Thing 2) on the table. I've never used an arc node before and Obliterator Rockets are just nasty. Magnus1 also runs 'jack heavy, something I love.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Man-O-War Drakhun

Well, just the horse really.

I've been on a roll lately painting fun models and this was no exception, but by the end I was very happy to see this fellow off my table. The model doesn't have many extra doodads cluttering him up he just has a ton of fine details on the armour plates.

I've been trying a new tactic with the bronze color after reading a cool article on Bell of Lost Souls about painting gold. GentleBen, a very talented painter, mentioned that he undercoats his gold with Snakebite Leather. I thought that was too light for bronze so I tried Dark Flesh for my undercoat. I've always had trouble getting the bronze to cover well over black but I love how it looks over the Dark Flesh - victory!

The Drakhun himself is still up for painting but after all that lining with bronze I'm going to come back to him.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mercenary Reinforcements!

A few posts back I mentioned that I was in the process of selling off my Tau and Space Marines. I've successfully sold them to a guy at my LGS - not for money (although there was a little cash involved) but for new Merc models!

I've turned my much neglected 40k models into a full 10 man unit of Boomhowlers, pMagnus, Gorten, a Mangler, a Driller, 2 Blasters, 2 Renegades, and 3 Steel Head Cavalry. That's a lot of new Mercs and a very good start to some Magnus and Gorten lists.

I was also able to sneak a unit of Troll Champions into the deal so now I've got two full units of them. I'm not sure what I need 10 Champs for but the deal was just too good to pass up.

Look for these guys to get some painting love in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Summary

Painting for Points
I had high hopes for this month and started strong by getting 6 Forge Guard and Mulg painted, but fell off the bus later in the month as non-hobby stuff stole my time. I'm up to 88 points for the year.

New Model Fund
Another excellent month for me spending wise! I didn't buy any models again this month and have my fund nearing positive numbers! I'll be at -$7.29 for August.

Additionally, I made some serious inroads clearing out models I don't use. I sold my Malifaux army on ebay, traded my Crimson Fists for a big chunk of Merc models, and sold the Tau to a guy at my LGS. The only loose end left is for me to sell my Wood Elves. Does anyone have any advice for packing and shipping a fully painted army? I'm hesitant to put the army on ebay or Bartertown because I don't know how I'd get it to my buyer in good condition.

If anyone has any experience I'd love to hear it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jarl Skuld Spolied at Comicon!

Rumors were flying this past weekend because Jarl Skuld, the new Troll warlock, was on sale at Comiccon!

image from Privateer Press


Nothing special here. Fury 6 is average and RAT 7 is solid for his guns.

Black Penny is a pretty cool thing to have for a guy packing two magical hand cannons and access to Snipe. Evasive, Swift Hunter, and Pathfinder will allow him to be all over the board to make his shots count. Gunfighter means he won't be totally shut down by being engaged.

This is where the fun is.

Quicken! SPD 8 Fennblades? SPD 9 Long Riders? Heck, even SPD 7 Champions! Or, what about SPD 6 Mulg?!

As if two hand cannons with Black Penny weren't good enough for spot removal, enter Magic Bullet. Now not even Stealth can keep those pesky solos safe!

As if Quicken weren't enough to get Jarl's army moving, enter Tactical Supremacy. I'm thinking that Champs with Skaldi can charge forward, use Follow Up to kill more stuff, and then consolidate using this spell to get their defensive bonuses.

Weald Secrets is another movement buff for Jarl's infantry and saves the Fellcaller from having to give a unit Pathfinder.

Three of these spells are upkeeps and Jarl is going to want Far Strike most turns so I'm thinking he'll be a little short on Fury for transfers.

The spoilers are a little unclear about this but it sounds like he'll get to place at least four 4" AOE cloud effects in his control area. They don't block friendly LOS and friendly models get Pathfinder and can move through things while they're in the clouds. There is also some rumored penalty to enemy models that move through them.

It sounds like a cool board control feat to me that can help zone off sections of the table or allow a free-ish turn of movement.

Jarl sounds like a very good infantry support warlock, especially in the movement phase. His guns are nasty against infantry and solos but he won't be able to seal the deal against enemy 'casters alone. Mostly he looks like a lot of fun (and what a model!).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painted Mulg

I'm glad this guy is done. He's a fantastic model with just the right amount of details to be interesting without being a chore to paint, but he's do big and heavy and awkward!

I haven't based him yet because I don't know how PG_Snakeman bases his Trolls (I've never actually seen them).

I am rather sad to have to give Mulg up. I put a lot of time into him (again, so big!) and I'm really happy with how he turned out.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This coming weekend is the New England Team Tournament and we had 11 guys at the store this weekend helping our team get ready. Our team asked me to bring a beast heavy eDoomshaper list and an eMadrak list with Burrowers so that was what I was playing.

Game 1 - Scaverous

This was a combined arms list with two arc nodes, a Harrower, Bane Knights, Black Ogrun, and some support solos. I was running a Tier 4 eDoomshaper list with Mulg, Earthborn, Mauler, and 2 units of Champs.

My opponent hadn't seen an eDoomie feat turn before so I was able to get Mulg into his face on turn 2. You can see above that it took a charge and 3 goads to get him there. I had enough Fury to buy one attack and then used the free attack from Doomshaper being on the table to kill Scaverous.

We were both curious about Scaverous and his feat turn, so after the game we played it out assuming Scaverous hadn't died. He was able to quite easily assassinate Doomie with his feat and some nasty spell casting - another Cryx 'caster to watch out for.

Game 2 - Cassius

My opponent was trying Cassius out for the first time and I decided to try eMadrak at 35 points. Cassius was super aggressive and got right in my face in turn 2 and feated. I think he was relying on my lack of pathfinder (my Fellcaller got sniped) and the sight restrictions of the forest to keep him safe but my Burrowers were able to pop up around the tree and Cassius.

With Madrak making them weapon masters and his feat giving them each 3 attacks it didn't take long for the tree to go down.

Game 3 - Vayl

I was not prepared for the beatdown I got in this game. He was running 4 heavies, Hex Hunters, and some solos. I was using eMadrak with a Bomber, Earthborn, Burrowers, Kriel Warriors, and some other light beasts and solos. My plan was to hit him with waves of weapon masters (Burrowers first, then Kriel Warriors) before finishing with Madrak and the beasts.

Everything went terribly wrong on his second turn when he used sprays and the Hex Hunters' magic to kill nearly all of my Burrowers and Kriel Warriors. Suddenly I was looking at his 4 heavy beasts against my 2 + Madrak. I tried to bait one of his heavies out while also maneuvering for a Bomber assassination but my opponent was too smart to fall for either.

He picked the rest of my army apart over a few turns and took a very comfortable win.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mulg the Ancient WIP

I'm taking a brief break from painting my own stuff to paint someone else's stuff!

A few weeks ago I was prepping for the New England Team Tournament and I wanted to run an epic Doomshaper list that included Mulg. I'm not able to afford Mulg right now so I asked my local Press Ganger PG_Snakeman if I could borrow his for the tournament. He very generously agreed and I offered to paint Mulg to say thanks.

I'm no longer able to attend the NETT but I had already started Mulg when my plans changed.

I've got some good work on the blue skin and the rocks done. I'm going to try to do glowing green / yellow runes as well. Mulg's face looks a little rough right now and I'm hoping that some paint on his tusks and mouth will help bring it together.

I'd really like to get this model done over the weekend but I'm not sure I'll be able to swing that much time at my painting desk.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Half Year Checkup

Every January I take a look back at the previous year's hobby achievements and look ahead to some things I'd like to accomplish in the coming year. Usually I forget all about these resolutions until the following January, but not this year! It has been 6 full months since I made my resolutions for 2011 and I wanted to take a look at how I'm doing:

Go to Templecon fully painted.

Finish all of my Troll and Khador models.
Templecon put a big dent in my Troll models and I've kept working on them since. There are 10 Trolls left to be painted and a single Khador model left. This should be very doable.

Paint 100 points of models.
I'm up to 77 points done at the 6 month mark and have a ton of painting that I want to do. Easy.

Participate in some kind of slow grow league at my LGS.
Done and it was awesome! I was really bummed I didn't get to play as many games as I wanted in this league but it was a blast.

Purchase fewer models and paint more models.
The slow grow league and Templecon caused my to buy a bunch of models so I've failed a bit there but I have been painting up a storm this year.

Sell off my Tau and give some serious thought to selling the Wood Elves.
I'm in the process of selling my Tau right now (and my Space Marines!) and I've decided to sell the Wood Elves as well. I'm still deciding the best way to sell the Elves but I expect them to be done by the end of the year.

Make a conscious effort to improve myself as a player.
This is a little harder to quantify. I still lose a ton but I believe that I'm thinking better about the game and making smarter decisions. I also think I'm a smarter list builder now than I was last year. I'm trying to build lists where every model has a purpose and I try to start each game with a plan of attack.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forge Guard

I've been super busy lately with stuff non-hobby related but I did complete these guys last night.

Forge Guard have been a mixed bag for me. I was really excited to use them with Ashlynn because she makes them SPD 6 weapon masters with reach - what's not to love? I was thinking that their ARM 18 would keep them safe while they got into position but it turned out not to be and early on they just died a lot.

I switched my thinking to having them tarpit and they were a lot better at that. Since they have reach I can engage a lot of enemy models with just a few of mine meaning they can tarpit in waves. Also, as the waves charge in they kill a ton of stuff since they're weapon masters and sometimes I'd get lucky and they would crit slam stuff.

I've got another four to paint but I'm probably going to move on to something else first.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Summary

Painting for Points
Another good month for me, buoyed by the One Thing A Week Painting Challenge on the PP forums. I started strong but lately I've been unable to paint and didn't get as much done this month as I initially thought I could. I'm up to 77 points this year after finishing 6 Steelhead Riflemen, pEiryss, Borka and Keg Carrier, and a Stone Scribe Chronicler.

New Model Fund
Finally, a month that I behaved in. I started June with -$107.29 and didn't buy any models! I'm still not in a great place with my fund but I'm getting back on track and will have -$57.29 in July.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Captain Damiano - First Impressions

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to fleshing out my Mercs force with some more 'casters. I'm in the process of trading some 40k models for some more Merc models (hooray!) but today I want to take a look at the new Merc hotness, Captain Damiano.

image from Privateer Press

Damiano has pretty basic stats for a 'caster. His MAT 7 and CMD 9 are good looking but everything else is average.

Damiano sports a magical Hand Cannon that can get a 3" AOE for one focus and P+S 12 magical sword. Nothing really special on either of these weapons although the magical pistol could be useful for knocking out Incorporeal solos.

Paymaster allows Damiano to give out one of two buffs to friendly Steelhead units. Damiano has 5 coins to spend on these buffs. One buff allows a free 3" move at the end of the unit's activation and the other gives +2 to ranged attack and damage rolls.

With all of the clever movement tricks that Steelheads + Stannis can do the reform moves will have a ton of uses and the buff to ranged attacks will be a big boon to both the Steelhead Cav and Riflemen.

The Feat gives friendly models +3 ARM and STR for a turn and also prevents them from being moved during your opponent's turn. This takes normal Steelheads to P+S 14 with 3d6 on the charge which is not shabby at all. The ARM boost probably won't save them from any reprisals but it does take Merc 'jacks up to Khador levels of durability and Damiano himself can sit comfortably at ARM 19 for a turn.

Additionally, with a little extra on your turn a lot of potential assassinations that rely on moving your models out of position will be significantly tougher to pull off.

Damiano has a great spell list to support his army. I'm very familiar with Surefoot and the bricking potential it brings to an army, plus it pushes Damiano up to DEF 17. Combined with Rociante and his feat you're looking at DEF 19 ARM 19 - a very tough nut to crack.

Death March looks perfect for Halberdiers, Forge Guard, or Boomhowler. They all benefit from the MAT boost and Vengeance will get them up the field very quickly.

Deadeye and Warpath seem a little more situational but still very useful while Convection probably won't see too much use. Focus looks like a problem for Damiano since he has 3 good upkeep spells.

Final Thoughts
Damiano looks to be a great tool box / support 'caster with a focus on infantry. At 35 points I'd be surprised to see him with more than one 'jack, and further surprised if that 'jack wasn't Rociante. Here's what I'm thinking as a starting point for a 35 point list:

10 Steelhead Halberdiers
3 Steelhead Cavalry
Stannis Brocker

This is 21 points and leaves a lot of space for more infantry, solo support, and maybe another 'jack. Right now I'm thinking about a combined arms force with Gunmages and Aiyana & Holt added in. Wyshnalyrr may also make an appearance to help manage all of those upkeep spells.

Also, I love that this guy is the IK version of Don Quixote. I like his Spanish vibe a lot and I'm thinking about buying some of these resin heads for my Halberdiers.

image from maxmini

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Khador and Wrath - First Impressions

I ran through Harkevich last week - here are a few quick impressions about the rest of the Khador entries in Wrath.

I've never had a chance to play with a Devastator but this guy looks to function in a similar way. He isn't doing auto-hitting damage to models directly around him, he's putting out two 4" AOEs. It might be a little less damage but it greatly increases flexibility in target selection. Plus, with Bulldoze and Gunfighter he can plow his way through screening models to make his shots at squishy stuff in your opponent's back field.

Black Ivan

image from Privateer Press

I'm not sold on the model yet but since I do plan to play Harkevich I will be playing this 'jack too. A small RAT increase plus free boosted ranged attack rolls with Harkevich means Ivan's bombards will be hitting what they shoot at. Dodge is a little weird on a Khador 'jack, even one with DEF 12, but I'm not complaining. He's also got a few melee tricks and enhancements that are nice, but I would have happily traded them for a lower point cost. I probably won't take him outside a Harkevich list.


image from Privateer Press

Now we're talking. Being able to give 4 focus to a 'jack with a Sustained Attack weapon at POW 18 is just crazy! Throw in Gunfighter and Virtuoso to give him 3 initial attacks and you're looking at a nasty little piece of work in a Strakhov list. Imagine the fun you can have with this guy under Strakhov's feat and Overrun!

Battle Mechanic Officer
This is an interesting way to offer a buff to all of the Man-O-War players out there. I don't often find myself with half dead MoW's so I'm kind of indifferent about this guy. I can see him having more use with Shocktroopers and their Shield Wall but since I don't own them I don't see myself getting this guy (or the mechanics I'd need to run him with).

Kayazy Eliminators
Yes. These two ladies will 100% be making an appearance on my shelf when they're released. The have Acrobatics all the time (not just on mini-feat turn) and they can move around even more with Side Step. Also, they're SPD 7 - nothing will hide from these women. Suddenly I want an eVlad list.

Koldun Kapitan Valachev

image from Privateer Press

This guy has a two big things going for him. First, he's a Greylord. I'm interested in anything Greylord. Second, I just started Mercs as a faction. I've got a bunch of Merc units painted and dying for more table time - Valachev loves Merc units!

Special Bonus Merc Entry- Sylas Wyshnalyrr

image from Privateer Press

What's not to love about one free upkeep per turn, +2" range on spells, and extra dice on offensive spells? I'll tell you what - no Wardog. Suddenly there are two fantastic options for warcaster attachments in the motherland.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kommander Harkevich - First Impressions

Wrath is finally in my hands and I'm super excited because it is the first PP expansion to come out since I started playing. Here are my early impressions on the new Khador 'caster, Kommander Harkevich.

image from Privateer Press


Nothing seriously impressive or outstanding here. MAT 7 is kind of cool and DEF 15 is pretty good but not terribly special.

Hand Cannons come standard on Khadoran Warcasters and this one will probably see good use under Harkevich's feat and his spell Broadside (more on that later). His mace has a solid POW 14 and is magical. It also has Beat Back, allowing for some interesting possibilities with movement shenanigans.

He grants all models in his battlegroup Pathfinder, including himself. This is pretty sweet. His feat and spells look to synergize well with ranged 'jacks but this little nugget also gives a huge boost to 'jacks looking to get stuck in after they've shot.

Now we're getting interesting. The feat gives a significant ARM boost to battlegroup models, lets them charge or slam for free (with Pathfinder!), and allows them to make a normal ranged attack before that free charge or slam. This shot doesn't ignore ROF restrictions but it allows 'jacks to shoot, charge, and then make their normal melee attacks, something they're not normally allowed to do.

Three spells on Harkevich's list stand out to me. The first is Broadside, which allows battlegroup models to make a shot that ignores ROF. This is awesome. On feat turn with this spell, Harkevich's 'jacks get to make two shots for free, then charge for free with Pathfinder, and then make their attacks in melee.

Escort is an upkeep that gives his battlegroup a speed boost and gives Harkevich an ARM boost. Fortune is another upkeep allowing a model/unit rerolls on missed to hit rolls.

Right away I'm noticing that with these two great upkeeps and Broadside Harkevich is left with just one focus a turn to allocate. A Koldun Lord might help here and so can the new Merc attachment Wyshnalyrr but I see Harkevich being rather starved for focus all game long.

The other two spells are interesting but not as obviously applicable at the above three.

Final Thoughts
Harkevich certainly looks interesting. He has some very good battlegroup spells that point strongly to him being a 'jack heavy 'caster focusing on ranged attacks. He also has a few tricks up his sleeve that allow his 'jacks to have 9" charges with Pathfinder, something you won't see too often from a Khador army.

I'm not sure yet if I think he'll be a super powered tournament level 'caster but I am sure that he looks like a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Bunch of Painted Models

I haven't shown a painted model in a few weeks but I have been painting at a pretty good pace lately. Here's what I've been working on.

pEiryss - painted for the Slow Grow League. I wanted to have her epic version in my list but wasn't able to locate the model in time. This was a great model to paint and didn't show its age at all (unlike some other original Warmachine models).

Steelhead Riflemen - also painted for the Slow Grow League. I haven't had much table-top success with these guys yet but they were fun to paint. I'm especially happy with how their hair came out because that's something I can struggle with.

Borka Kegslayer and the Keg Carrier. I was thinking about running a Borka list for the New England Team Tournament so he got painted up. After some more thought I don't think I'll be using him as one of my lists but he'll probably see some table time after the tournament.

Stone Scribe Chronicler. This solo appears in two of my lists for the New England Team Tournament as support for Burrowers. He's one of the few models I have left from my big Troll purchase from a year ago and I'm glad he's finally painted.

I've got a few more Troll models to paint up for the tournament in July and then I'll be back painting up Mercs!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paint My Stuff

With the league done I've been giving some thought to what my next project would me. I've got lots of ideas - expand the Mercs with pMagnus and Gorten, take a look at the new Khador 'caster and / or the Old Witch, maybe see how Calandra and Borka run... options and ideas abound.

Then I looked around my room and realized that I want to be fully painted (or near fully painted). I've got 3 factions (2.5 factions?) and a host of unpainted models for each one and frankly, I want them painted before I start something new. So that's what my next project will be - finish all my other projects!

Here's the list of stuff I want to get painted before starting something new:

6 Scattergunners
Stone Scribe Chronicler
2 Stone Scribes
Troll Impaler
Borka and Keg Carrier

Man-O-War Drakhun

10 Forge Guard
Aiyana and Holt

That's 28 models to work my way through. It seems like a lot, but over half of it is tied up in the Forge Guard and Scattergunners so once I knock those two units off the list I think I'll be home free. I've been participating in the One Thing A Week painting thread on the PP forums which has been great fun and a good motivator on this project.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slow Grow League - After Action Report

This past weekend was the 50 point tournament that capped off the slow grow league at my LGS. There were 10 players (nine and one TO playing the bye position) and a good spread of factions. I went 0-3 on the weekend. I had hoped to play better but there were a number of very talented players using strong lists and I haven't played in a while.

Game 1 - Carver

This game was a mess from the start for me. I wasn't thinking at all and just started moving models around and rolling dice with no plan.

dead all over

After a while a Farrow Brigand with Quagmire ran behind Ashlynn and gave her -2 DEF. She then got demolished by a Slaughterhouser, Carver, and a War Hog.

Game 2 - Barnabas

This is a terrible match up for my shooty Ashlynn army. Swamp Pits negate all of my shooting and Barnabas's feat cancels out all of the defensive capabilities of Ashylnn's feat. Add in the high ARM of Gatormen and the Gator beasts and I was in for a rough game.

failing important Fear checks

I had a pretty good idea early on to split my Forge Guard to engage both Gatorman units. I wanted to kill 2 Gators from each unit, jam up the chokes on each side, and snag an early control point. Because of the swamp pits on the board I chose to have Rhupert give the Forge Guard Pathfinder instead of making them Fearless - they passed the first Fear check but failed the second and at that point the game was mostly over for me.

I managed a clever assassination run late in the game but didn't have enough to see it all the way through.

Game 3 - Barnabas

Same thing, new player. This time around I used the Forge Guard (now with Fearless) to jam up the choke on the left side while I cleared out the right hand side and scored an early control point.

early plan success

There was a lot of killing on the left side of the board and I started to lose control of it while the Gators slowly forced me back from the right side as well. Barnabas's feat put me in a bad position and, faced with losing the game to control points, I tried and failed to kill Barnabas.

Overall a fun tournament but I was hampered by some bad match-ups and my own rustiness. I'll be putting down the Mercs for little while and getting in some games with my Trolls in preparation for the NE Team Tournament in July.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Slow Grow League - Final Tournament Prep

This coming weekend is the final day of the league and will be a 50 point, single list tournament. It will also be the last chance to gain points in our ladder and the top three players will form our team for the New England Team Tournament. I'd like to attend so I'm looking for a good showing on Saturday.

Here's the list I'm running:

Gun Mages + UA
10 Forgeguard
6 Steelhead Riflemen
Aiyana and Holt

not as much painted as I wanted but not bad

It is quite shooty which is where I've found the most success. I'm looking to hold the middle of my lines using the Forgeguard and Rhupert with the Nomad, Vanguard, and Ashlynn as a second line. The Gun Mages and Riflemen will be on the flanks supported by Eiryss, Taryn, and Gorman. I'd still like to get a combination of Ragman and Aiyana's Harm on something but I think more likely I'll be using them to target two different things.

If I can get some wins I imagine they'll come from a shooting assassination. In a perfect world I'll get a Gorman Blind Bomb + Harm + Ragman on the enemy 'caster, Taryn will remove any LOS blockers, and Eiryss will either remove focus or deal 3 damage right off the bat. Once all that is set up I'll be free to throw 4 Hand Cannon shots, 3 two-man CRAs, 7 Gun Mage pistol shots, and a Mule cannon at the 'caster.

Obviously that won't happen but there is sufficient support and firepower to make it work even without all of the pieces.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Summary

Finally, a good month hobby wise. I painted a ton of models and even managed to get my first league win!

Painting for Points
A really great month painting wise for me. I painted a Vanguard and Mule, getting all of the 'jacks done for my league army done. I also made a start on my infantry, painting the Gun Mages and UA and finishing it off with Ragman. I'm now up to 67 points for 2011.


New Model Fund
Another bad month money wise but I've got all the models for this army and no plans to purchase anything new for the next few months (yeah, right). I bought Ragman, Steelhead Riflemen, some Forge Guard, Taryn, Eiryss, and Aiyana and Holt. I'm going to be at -$107.29 (yikes!) for June.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I had a lot of fun converting and painting up my plastic Nomad so when I decided to add a Mule to the army it made sense to try another plastic conversion. I didn't get any photos of the Nomad in his unpainted state but I remembered this time around.

This conversion was a little trickier. I wanted to give the Mule a slightly different profile so I bought the metal boiler and removed the two plastic smoke stacks from the chassis. That was a big pain to do but I'm glad I took the time. The other sticking point was mounting the flat contact point of the gun arm to the round shoulder socket.

Painting this guy was a lot more fun than building him. I'm really enjoying the green that I'm working on here and I think he has a good balance of colors all around. My only gripe is the big mace looks too mono-chromatic.

All of the 'jacks for Ashlynn's army have some yellow stars on them somewhere and with the smoke stacks removed the boiler on top of the Mule looked like it needed some love. I also added a few red Khador anvil kill markers to the cannon (but don't tell my Khador army).

I haven't been able to play too many games lately so this guy hasn't seen much table time yet but I'm hoping that with a shiny new paint job he'll be ready to kick some butt.