Monday, August 31, 2009

Simon vs. Spoony - Devastators, Sternguard, and Razorbacks (Part I)

Spoony and I like to talk about 40k a lot. We both have strong math backgrounds and like trying to find new ways to use codex entries. We've had conversations over beers in our living room, while driving through the deserts of the western United States, and now, over email. I thought it might be fun to share our conversations and open them up to everyone else to see what you all think. This is the most recent one we've had.

The Idea:

I (Simon) have been thinking about different ways to get long range fire support into my Crimson Fist army. I’ve toyed with the idea of a small Devastator squad backed up by a Razorback and after I saw Grey Death’s recon Sternguard squad I decided to sit down and see exactly what could be done with a squad like this.

This is going to be a two part discussion between Spoony and I. The first part will be us talking through Devastator vs. Sternguard and the second part will be a discussion about using the Razorback. My comments will be in blue and Spoony’s will be in red.

Devastator Squad - image from Games Workshop

Some Notes:

  • Devastators are cheaper per marine than Sternguard.
  • Sternguard can take 2 heavy weapons, Devastators can take 4.
  • Devastators have a signum (one marine can fire at BS 5 if the Sergeant doesn’t shoot).
  • Sternguard all have 2 attacks, LD 9, and special issue ammo.
  • Devastator heavy weapons are considerably more expensive.

Heavy Bolters:

5 Sternguard with 2 heavy bolters is 135 points.
5 Devastators with 3 heavy bolters is 135 points.

Since the point of these squads is to be long range I'm not very concerned about number of attacks and I think the effect of the special ammo is up in the air since none of it has a range of 36 inches. There is one 30" shot but I don't know if it's a deal breaker for me. I think I'd rather have 3 heavy bolters for the same price or be able to save a few points for essentially the same firepower. There is also the BS 5 heavy bolter that the signum offers. I give the advantage to the Devastators.

If you’re just concerned with reaching out and touching people with this squad then I think the Devastators are a better decision. At 30” and down though, the Sternguard are going to be able to effectively shoot at the same thing the heavy bolters are shooting at. Also if your opponent decides to get closer you have some other ammo options (ap3 weapons... :). Your opponent will think twice about trying to get close and assault a Sternguard unit to take away the fire power coming out of it. I think I would pick the Sternguard over the Devastators here since they are much more versatile for the same points cost.

The 5 Sternguard with 2 HB's can put up 6 HB shots and 3 long range bolter shots at 30", while the 5 Devastators can put up 9 HB shots. For the same amount of points, I think I'd rather have the 9 HB shots, especially since 3 of those are at BS 5. I see what you're saying about the Sternguard being more versatile at closer ranges, but if I can add a 4th HB for less than the cost of a 6th Sternguard I think I'd probably go that route.

So I forgot when shooting at long range you only get one shot. :P You’re totally right that the Devastator squad wins out hands down.

Sternguard Squad - image from Games Workshop

Plasma Cannons:

5 Sternguard with 2 plasma cannons is 145 points.
5 Devastators with 2 plasma cannons is 140 points.

Not much difference here. On the one hand, 5 points for 3 marines with special ammo and the extra attacks is a price I'd probably be willing to pay. On the other hand, if points were tight I can see picking the Devastators. The signum means less here since BS doesn't apply to hit, it just modifies the scatter. You've got a 50% chance to hit anyway and if it scatters I don't think a 1" savings is a huge deal here. I’d call these squads even.

Again the Sternguard have a lot of other things going for them besides the plasma cannons (like extra ap 3 shots close up) so for an extra 5 points I think they win out.

You're probably right here - 5 points for 5 extra attacks in CC and 3 guys with the special issue ammo is a steal. Unless I needed the 5 points for something you’ve convinced me.

Las Cannons:

5 Sternguard with 2 las cannons is 155 points.
5 Devastators with 2 las cannons is 160 points.

I want my expensive las cannon shots to count so I think the signum is a big deal here. Also, none of the special issue ammo is effective against the things you'll be shooting las cannons with. You can get a small savings going with Sternguard but I would say that paying an extra 5 points for a BS 5 las cannon is worth it. Advantage Devastators.

I think the Devastators win out here, but I still see benefits of the Sternguard. BS 5 for one las cannon is clutch and they have a high points disparity between las cannons and normal marines... Plus bolters/special ammo are both pretty useless when you are shooting at the things a las cannon would shoot at. Do they have a poisoned bolter shot for Sternguard, because they would be just as effective at shooting close high toughness dudes.

There is a poisoned botler shot for the Sternguard - it wounds on a 2+ I believe. That’s a good point but I think I’m still going to go for the signum being more useful than the poisoned ammo – I’d probably only shoot at high toughness stuff after the armour has been taken down.

That's all for part one. Next time we'll be talking about how a Razorback can be paired up with a squad like this.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Working on the Last Greatsword

Just a quick update on my last Greatsword. This fellow's body is done and all that's left is his right arm and the banner. I'd like to get it done by the end of the month but I can't make any promises about that.

As I was painting his face I took some photos with the intention of writing up a tutorial on how I do it but the photos came out pretty poorly and the face turned out worse so that didn't happen. You can expect one in the future but I'm going to hold off for right now.

Up next will be some banner photos when I get it done. I'm planning to use one of Ron's tutorials on doing freehand to have a go at painting a unicorn on the banner. The unicorn will be modeled after the one that the Boston Athletic Association uses:

Stay tuned for more.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spoons First Post!

I want to start out my first post by thanking Simon for offering me a spot to contribute on his blog. I think it is going to be a ton of fun contributing with him and I think it's going to be a great motivation for me to become more involved with the hobby.

I've been involved with this hobby in one way or another for about 8 years. My favorite part of the hobby has always been the numbers. I love analyzing squads and armies and figuring out the best way to play certain lists. My worst part of the hobby has the little patience that I have for painting a table top army. After 8 years I have lots of rulebooks, codex, minis (mostly in boxes), but only about 15 painted miniatures....

A couple of years back, I managed to tempt Simon back into the hobby. Much to my chagrin Simon really dove right in. Very quickly I was playing my unpainted plastic and metal models against fully painted and based armies that Simon fielded. I've found it a little ironic that I'd been a "veteran" of the hobby and Simon was finishing up painted armies left and right. Simon has been great by trying to encourage me to paint more while still putting up with my armies of white, grey, and black whenever we play. Simon's latest idea to motivate me in my painting was to include me in this blog. After a bit of hesitation, I decided to go for it and plunge right in.

I'd considered starting a blog of my own, but I'm much more excited to be sharing this blog with Simon. I think two people sharing their hobby experience on the same blog can add an interesting dynamic. Also, this blog will be much more interesting than any thing I would do on my own because it will be updated much more frequently than if I was writing one myself.

Now for the good stuff:

My current project is a Blood Angels army that I've only just started (which is about how far as all projects get). I'm starting out with 5 tactical marines to get the paint scheme down. I really like plasma cannons so I decided to include one in these first 5 marines. Eventually, it'll be part of a double plasma tac squad.

My reasons for picking Blood Angels. Back in the day (probably about 8 years ago) my Alaitoc Rangers and my Farsight Tau used to get destroyed by my friends Blood Angels. I used to hate them because they I didn't see how their game play involved any strategy or finesse. 5th edition rules and a new codex later I sat down and re-evaluated the army. The list is much more more interesting than it was years ago and I think the army can be very competitive if done right. Throw all the years of fluff that went into these guys and you have yourself very appealing army.

All this is good, but the main reason I decided to work on a Blood Angels army is all those red marines, with a splash of black, look absolutely killer. If your going to spend hours painting, might as well make something you think is going to look good....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We're Growing!

After much prodding and just a little begging I've finally convinced my long time friend and only regular Warhammer opponent Spoony to join Stuck Between Stations! For over seven years he and I have done a lot of talking about 40k and if it weren't for him I probably would have given up the hobby a long time ago.

He's quite a bit better at the game than I am (as evidenced by his 4-0-2 record against me in our 5th Edition games) but I do a lot more painting so together I think we can cover a lot more bases in this blog. Since I've known him he's played Chaos Marines, Tau, Imperial Fists, and now Blood Angels.

He should be along shorty to introduce himself.

While we're on the subject of growing I noticed that there are over 30 people following this blog now - I honestly didn't think that many people would ever be interested in my little corner of the tubes so thank you all for signing up and leaving comments.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tutorial - Learning About Freehand

My previous attempts at freehand are limited to drawing squiggles on purity seals and painting some 5's on my Assault marines. Since the whole point of red marine is to push myself to get better and try new things I though I'd attempt something a little more complicated. The Sons of Orar are an Ultramarine successor and their chapter symbol is essentially the same.

For something else I probably would have spent some time looking at source material but since I know what the Ultramarine symbol looks like I skipped this part.

Next I spent some time getting familiar with the structure of the shape. I wanted to figure out, at least in my head, how the shaped was formed and see what looked good. This is a photo of a few sketches I did where I played with different ways of drawing the shape and different structures (thick or thin lines, tall or short arcs, etc).

Drawing something is one thing but painting it, especially on such a small scale, is something else. I found a few spare bases and spent a few minutes practicing painting the shape. These are a little more consistent in their shape (at least, I tried to make them that way) and based off of my previous experiments.

I was ready to go at this point but when I picked up red marine I reconsidered. Curved shoulder pads aren't the same as flat bases and I was only going to have one chance to get it right so I found some old marines (Ultramarines, oddly enough) and painted a few shoulder pads.

At this point I couldn't justify not doing giving it a go, and you can see the results below.

Not bad for a first attempt - I am pretty pleased. After I painted the chapter symbol the other shoulder pad looked pretty bland so I put the tactical symbol and a squad number on it.

I'll be done with this guy soon and then I'll be doing the fifth and final Greatsword. He has a huge banner that I'm going to try something larger and more complex so look for another tutorial on that.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Red Marine Nearing Completion

I've put a few more hours of work into red marine here and he's starting to come together. I need to give the black bits on the bolter and the armour tubing some attention and then do the rubble part before he's done. I'm also going to attempt some freehand on his shoulder pads which I'm terrified of. There are also a few details like the lens on the gun scope but those shouldn't take long.

click for a larger view

click for a larger view

On the whole I'm really pleased with how this model is shaping up. Hopefull I can finish him soon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Battle Report - Crimson Fists vs. Tau and Blood Ravens (1500 points)

After the first game ended we both had too much fun to stop there. We were using only my limited collection so we had to get creative in bumping our lists to 1500 points for the second game. I don't have any more Tau so we dug out my Blood Ravens and Spoony added 500 points of those to his list, while I was able to add 500 more points of Crimson Fists.

Spoony's List (Tau and Blood Ravens):
  • Shas'O with fusion gun, plasma rifle, 2 gun drones
  • 2 Deathrain Battlesuits
  • 3 Fireknife Battlesuits with 2 gun drones
  • 6 Stealth Suits with 2 gun drones
  • Piranha with fusion gun
  • 12 Fire Warriors
  • 6 Fire Warriors
  • 6 Fire Warriors
  • 10 Tactical marines with plasma gun and missile launcher
  • 10 Scouts with power fist
  • 8 Scouts with power sword
My List (Crimson Fists):
  • Captain with jump pack, power sword, digital weapons
  • Venerable Dread with missile launcher and TL las cannon
  • Dread with assault cannon, CCW, and heavy flamer
  • 10 Sternguard with 3x combi-meltas, heavy flamer, power fist, and Drop Pod
  • 1o Tactical marines with plasma gun, plasma cannon, power sword, Rhino
  • 10 Tactical marines with melta gun, multi-melta, power fist, Rhino
  • 8 Assault marines with power fist
We rolled Annihilation with Pitched Battle. I won first turn and gave it to Spoony.

He deployed the Deathrains, the large Fire Warrior squad, the Tactical squad, and infiltrated the Stealths and the large Scout squad. His other units were Deep Striking or coming in from reserve.

I reserved everything. My idea was to prevent him from shooting me as much as possible but I don't think this worked at all. I didn't have any more of a plan than that and I'm sure you can guess how this is going to end.

pre-game deployment
Tau 1
The Deathrains and Fire Warriors take over the big hill.

Crimson Fists 1
The Drop Pod comes down and obliterates the Stealth squad. This would have been an OK decision if there were no more units coming on but I totally forgot that very soon there would be a ton more Tau coming and they'd probably demolish me next turn.
Simon 1, Spoony 0

Stealth Suits preparing to disappear

Tau 2
A small Fire Warrior squad, the Piranha, and 3 Fireknives arrive from reserve or Deep Strike. The big Fire Warrior squad kills 1 marine, the small squad kills 2, the Fireknives account for 3, and the Tactical Squad kills another 1. The Piranha explodes the Drop Pod and an eighth Sternguard ends up dead in the blast. The tactical squad assaults them and everyone fails to wound everyone else so the combat is drawn.
Simon 1, Spoony 1

the grand melee
Crimson Fists 2
The Dread and plasma tactical squad show up. I kill a single scout with the storm bolter on the Rhino and miss with the Dread. Over on the other side, the Sternguard manage to kill two marines while only losing one but the Blood Ravens hold.
Simon 1, Spoony 1

first round of reserves

Tau 3
The other scouts outflank on the wrong side of the board. The large scout squad begins to run away from my marines and the Deathrains kill my Rhino and knock the assault cannon from my Dread. The Blood Ravens are finally able to drag down my last Sternguard.
Simon 1, Spoony 3

the board at the beginning of the Tau's 3rd turn

Crimson Fists 3
My Assault squad arrives near the out of position scout squad and the Venerable Dread comes on near my tactical marines to shoot at the Piranha. The Assault marines head towards the stranded scouts and the normal Dread, with no shooting to do, runs at the Fireknives (this was really stupid - I essentially ran a free kill point straight at Spoony's guns).

the assault squad arrives - a second chance?

The Piranha makes its cover saves against my Venerable Dread's shooting while my plasma squad kills two drones and a Fireknife. Despite my best efforts to lose, things are looking up a little.
Simon 1, Spoony 3

Tau 4
The last Fire Warrior squad walks onto the board while the Shas'O deep strikes in near the Fireknives. He immediately kills the free kill point (Dread) I ran out last turn, but loses one of his drones in the explosion. The Piranha misses the Venerable Dread and the scouts assault my Assault squad. They kill two of my marines and lose one of their own but the marines hold. The Fireknives shake the Venerable Dread.
Simon 1, Spoony 4

look at those Crisis Suits / kill points!

Crimson Fists 4
The melta Tactical squad arrives with my Captain and they both deploy near the Crisis Suits. The plasma squad kills one of the Fireknives and wounds the last one while my melta squad blows up the Piranha. My Captain (he needs a name) wounds the 'O in combat and runs him down. The Assault squad does the same thing to the scouts over near the coffee cans.
Simon 4, Spoony 4

my Captain being menacing

Tau 5
The remaining scout squad continues to run away from my shooting and the Tactical squad shakes my Venerable Dread again. The Deathrains blow up my Rhino, which kills two marines in the melta squad. I really need to stop leaving free Rhinos around.
Simon 4, Spoony 5

Crimson Fists 5
I don't think I can win. I have very few long range guns to hit the tactical squad, scout squad, or any of the Firewarriors, and if I run my assault squad at any of them they'll get shot to pieces and Spoony will get another kill point. However, I can make this a draw if I kill that last Fireknife and then protect my vulnerable units. My melta squad kills the Fireknife and my assault squad, Venerable Dread, and Captain all make for hiding places. I also make a long-shot attempt at a kill point by lobbing a plasma cannon shot at a 6 man Fire Warrior squad, killing one.
Simon 5, Spoony 5

will the coffee cans protect me?

Tau 6
The Deathrains only manage to shake my Venerable Dread and I thought I was in the clear, but Spoony got lucky again. A six man Fire Warrior squad managed to kill three melta marines at long range and the tactical squad killed another with a krak missile, forcing a morale test. With a 73% chance of success I manage to fail and the melta squad runs right off the board edge they've been hugging all game.
Simon 5, Spoony 6

Crimson Fists 6
With almost no hope left, I lob another plasma cannon shot into the mass of bodies on Spoony's side. I deviate and kill a scout but don't find another kill point anywhere.

a mass of Tau and Blood Ravens that was too large for my assault squad to run at

The game ends and I lose 5-6. I'm currently 0-4-2 with my Crimson Fists. Despite my grumblings though, these six games have all been a lot of fun and I'm happy to have the opportunity to play at all.

What did I learn?
  • In my previous two games I made a plan and had some success (2 draws). This time I had no plan and I lost.
  • I wasn't thinking much ahead of my immediate turn at any point and it cost me several times. I need to focus a little more on what's going on, especially the part about not feeding Spoony free kill points.
  • Venerable Dreads soak up a ton of shots. I like this guy a lot and he's earned himself a spot in my painting queue behind red marine and my last Greatsword.
  • I need to be slightly less aggressive with my Sternguard. They don't last more than a turn and I think I'm really wasting their potential.
Does anyone know any good, strong, Spanish names for my Captain? I'll be hitting up Google but I'm open to suggestions.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Battle Report - Crimson Fists vs. Tau (1000 points)

Spoony was visiting Boston and we made sure to get a game in. We had limited time so we agreed beforehand to stop after turn 5.

Spoony's List (Tau):
  • Shas'O with fusion gun, plasma rifle, 2 gun drones
  • 2 Deathrain Battlesuits
  • 3 Fireknife Battlesuits with 2 gun drones
  • 6 Stealth Suits with 2 gun drones
  • Piranha with fusion gun
  • 12 Fire Warriors
  • 6 Fire Warriors
  • 6 Fire Warriors
My List (Crimson Fists):
  • Captain with jump pack, power sword
  • Venerable Dread with missile launcher and TL las cannon
  • 1o Tactical marines with plasma gun, plasma cannon, power sword, Rhino
  • 10 Tactical marines with melta gun, multi-melta, power fist, Drop Pod
  • 7 Assault marines with power fist
The mission was Seize Ground with 4 objectives, Spearhead deployment, and I gave Spoony the first turn so I would have the last movement phase.

Spoony reserved both 6 man Fire Warrior squads, the Stealth suits, and one Deathrain. I combat squaded the plasma squad and put the sergeant and plasma gun in the Rhino. The board looked like this after deployment (the Blood Raven Space Marines are the objectives and the white pieces of paper are woods):

my deployment

Spoony's deployment

the whole board after deployment

My plan was to claim the two objectives near me with the two combat squads while trying to contest one of his with the Captain / Assault squad, Dread, and the second tactical squad in the Drop Pod.

Turn 1 Tau
The Piranha moved fast down the short table edge and the
crisis suits all moved around to get shots. There was some shooting from suits at my Dread but none of it was effective.

Turn 1 Crimson Fists
The Drop Pod came down in the middle of the Tau lines. I should have shot his Fire Wa
rriors to pieces but I got caught up in the moment and instead shot at the 3 Fireknives. I managed to kill one suit and one gun drone but the squad held.

Drop Pod lands

My Dread failed to kill the Piranha. The combat squad with the plasma cannon killed a Fire Warrior and my Assault squad ran down my short table edge.

Turn 2 Tau

The two 6 man Fire Warrior squads arrive from reserve.


These two squads, combined with the large Fire Warrior Squad, the Fireknife squad, and the Shas'O to kill 9 marines from the Drop Pod squad, leaving only the sergeant
who passes his leadership test.

lone survivor

The Piranha tries to kill the Dread but fails.

Turn 2 Crimson Fists
The plasma cannon kills another Fire Warrior from the large squad. The sergeant from the Drop Pod charges that same squad, kills several Fire Warriors in combat, breaks the squad, and catches them when they flee - awesome!


The Assault squad and Captain now start along the long board edge towards the Tau lines while the Dread shoots the Piranha down and assaults the two drones atta
ched to it.

Turn 3 Tau

The second Deathrain suit comes in behind my two combat squads and shoots the storm bolter off the Rhino before the other Deathrain immobilizes it. The heroic sergeant
is finally brought down and the remaining two Fire Warrior squads move towards the two objectives on Spoony's side. The Shas'O tried to shoot some of the Assault marines but fails to wound.

Turn 3 Crimson Fists
The Assault squad runs at the Shas'O. The plasma gun combat squad disembarks from their useless Rhino and heads toward the second objective on my side. The plasma cannon squad moves towards the Deathrain on my side, shoots one wound off of it, and t
hen kills it in assault. The Dread finally kills a drone and wins the combat.

Turn 4 Tau
The Stealth Suits finally show on Spoony's side of the board, which is a pretty useless place for them.

Stealth Suits outflank late and out of position

The Shas'O and his drones shoot and kill 3 Assault marines but they pass their leadership test and pinning test. One Fire Warrior squad kills a fourth Assault marine and the other squad runs toward an objective. The remaining Deathrain suit stuns my Dread (I made him re-roll a destroyed result!). The Shas'O, in a bid to save one of the Fire Warrior squads, assaults the Captain a
nd remaining assault marines. He takes a wound, does none in return, breaks from the combat, and is run down.

current state of the board: Spoony has 1 objective and I have 0

Turn 4 Crimson Fists

My two combat squads move towards the two objectives on my side and the Dread assaults and kills the last Deathrain. The Assault squad and Captain wipe out one of the last two Fire Warrior Squads.

only one scoring unit left to kill!

Turn 5 Tau
The Fire Warriors claim one objective. The Fireknives manage to kill two marines from the plasma cannon squad. That squad promptly fails its morale test and runs. The gun drones attached to the Stealth squad kill an Assault marine. I roll double sixes on the pinning test and the squad is pinned.

epic (pinning test) fail

We each have one objective. Spoony can't claim any more because he only has one scoring unit left and he can't contest either of the two on my side because all of his units are dead. I have two scoring units alive but one is running. They will rally on my turn but since the game is ending on turn 5 they won't be able to claim a second objective for me.

The game ends in a draw.

In order for Spoony to draw, he needed BOTH of the following to happen:

1. Stop my Captain and 3 Assault marines from killing his last Fire Warrior squad. He did this by pinning a squad that has leadership 10.
2. Stop one of my combat squads from claiming an objective. He did this but causing my squad to fail a leadership 8 test.

I ran some numbers. The probability of me failing the leadership 10 test was 8.3%, and the probability of me failing the leadership 8 test was 27.7%. The odds of me failing BOTH tests was 2.3%. Out of 1000 times this situation arises, I win the game 977 times.


Edit: Spoony has informed me that my numbers are wrong. Before failing the pinning test my Assault squad passed a moral test. Had they failed that test they would have been neutralized as well. So, the odds of failing EITHER ONE of the morale test or pinning test is 15.9%, making the overall odds of Spoony squeaking out the draw 4.4%. That still means that over the course of 1000 games I come up with the win 956 times.

What did I learn?
  • Just like last time I made a good plan but this time I stuck to it and came so close to getting the win.
  • Adding the Dread was a good decision and his firepower (or potential firepower - he didn't actually shoot much) was very helpful in controlling movement lanes.
  • I need to keep focused on the mission objectives (i.e. shooting the Drop Pod squad at the Fire Warriors to deny him a scoring unit).
  • Putting the Drop Pod Squad so alone and in the middle of the Tau line was probably a bad idea. They were killed pretty quickly and could have been more effective on either side of the Tau.
My current record with the Crimson Fists is now 0-3-2.

We played another game the next night - look for that report soon!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Painting White is Hard!

I've never painted white over any large surface at all. In fact, I think the only time I've used white is as a highlight on bone colored things and my Birch Tree Dryads, which were intentionally sloppy. Needless to say, my adventures painting a white helmet and shoulder pads on the red marine were trying to say the least.

For a first try I'm pretty pleased but I can see plenty of room for improvement. Here he is:

On the shoulder pads I did a layer of Adeptus Battlegray over the black and then built up many, many thin layers of white - it was a huge pain. The helmet I added a later of Battlegray mixed with white on top of that before the straight white, which was only slightly less of a pain. Next time I'll absoultey be using more intermediate layers of lighter grays.

I then took a very small brush and shaded with Asurmen Blue and then went back and touched up the white.

Anyone with tips on painting white is more than welcome to share them here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Summary

Painting for Points
I took my time and found some models that interested me this month and finished off 3 Greatswords for a total of 3 points. Given my past two months have only been one point a piece I think that's an improvement and I'm enjoying painting again so hopefully I'm back on track. In total I have 56 points for the year.

New Model Fund
I started July with $17.68 and didn't buy anything, so I'm starting August with $58.84. I'm looking at the Heraldry of the Empire book and maybe some State Troops but I've also got plenty to keep me busy already so I might skip out on purchasing anything again this month.

And just for fun, here's a shot of all four Greatswords I've finished so far.

click for a larger view

Here's to a good August!