Monday, September 27, 2010

Product Review - CNC Workshop Paint Racks

I recently bought two paint racks from CNC Worshop and built them this weekend.

The come on what are, essentially, wooden sprues and need to be clipped or cut out. I didn't have much trouble using a sharp knife to get everything off the sprue and cleaned of flash.

There are a bunch of pieces, including a few small ones that I almost threw out (bottom left corner). Make sure you're paying attention to the direction sheet when cutting stuff.

The hardest part of the assembly process was dealing with the slow drying time of wood glue and coming up with a good way to put pressure on all of the glued joints while they dried.

Here is the first one done and holding half of my paints. Each rack will hold 33 pots of Games Workshop paint without any trouble. I have a few Vallejo paints that also fit but they sit a bit lower in the slots.

My only complaint with these things is that they're quite expensive since they had to be shipped from Australia. Obviously they weren't too expensive (I did purchase two) and now that they're all set up I'm quite happy with them.

In addition to these paint racks, CNC sells tool organizers, game accessories, and a ton of really nice looking scenery. If I were in the market for a few buildings for my game table this is probably the first place I'd look.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Ticket to Templecon!

Summer is a little slow on the Warmachine front in my LGS. However, with the weather cooling off and people taking fewer vacations our local Press Ganger has a plan to get everyone excited about playing again - he's putting together a tournament series and the winner of the series gets a free ticket to Templecon 2010!

I had mixed feelings about the last gaming convention I went to, Games Day Baltimore 2009. However, since the local Press Gang team is heavily involved in planning and running Templecon and many of the local players have attended I've heard a lot of good things in the past year and I'd like to attend this year if I can. A free ticket would go a long way to convincing me.

Here's the deal. There are four tournaments at my LGS between next weekend and January 1st. The top 3 finishers get 5, 4, and 3 points respectively while everyone else gets 2. An additional bonus point is awarded for having a fully painted army. After the four tournaments, whoever has the most the points wins the ticket to Templecon (there are a few more rules but that's the general idea).

I'm not the best player around but I think I have a chance to take second or third in a few of these tournaments, and I'm planning to always pick up that painting point. My biggest concern is that I can't make the first tournament this weekend and that might put me out of the running before I even start, but I'm still going to give it a go.

In the spirit of getting my Trolls all painted for these tournaments, here's a quick WIP shot of my Kriel Warriors after a little painting time tonight:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breast Cancer Brawl

Every year at my LGS the Press Gangers organize a Breast Cancer Brawl tournament to raise money for the Boston Pink and Black Campaign for breast cancer awareness and prevention. I wasn't playing at this time last year but I'm excited to attend.

The tournament is on November 6th and since the format only allows a single 35 point list I want to have my Grissel list fully painted. Here's where I am right now:

Grissel - unpainted
+Earthborn Dire Troll - unpainted
+Troll Bouncer - unpainted
+Pyre Troll - done
10 Kriel Warriors + UA - 6 models painted
3 Long Riders - unpainted
Horthol - unpainted (he isn't in the photo because I don't own him yet)

That's quite a bit of work (8 medium bases and 5 large bases) but I think I can get it done in the 6 or 7 weeks I have before the tournament.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pyre Troll

Here's my most recent Troll, and the very first model painted in my new apartment!

This guy had a little more effort put into him than my other Trolls, mostly because I enjoy painting red and I really like this model. I haven't fully settled in yet so he was primed white using gesso. The white was a challenge for me but I think it really made the colors pop on the model.

The fire was done using a brush thralls tutorial as a starting point and some improvising on my part. I started with Sunburst Yellow, mixed in a little Blazing Orange, and then added a little Blood Red for the very tops of the flames. I also did a light wash of Gryphonne Sepia to give the fists a little depth and to bring out the details.

I think he came out well, and now he just needs a little dull coat to knock out the shine from the washes.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How I Moved My Little Men

I was very nervous about moving my apartment because I had no idea how I was going to move the legions of little plastic and metal men that I own. I only have one small army transport bag that is way too small for all of my models and I was pretty stuck until my girlfriend came up with a great solution.

She had a long, shallow plastic container that had outgrown whatever she was using it for originally and I had an old mattress pad from college. I cut out strips from the pad that were the dimensions of the base of the container and laid them flat. Then I started laying down models.

Here you can see my Wood Elves all laid down on the bottom layer of foam. I had a lot of space left (and a lot of models left) so I cut another strip of foam, put it on top of the Wood Elves, and added more models.

Here's the second layer of Khador and Trolls. This was about as much as the container could take model wise, so I cut one more strip of foam, laid it on top, and then weighted the whole thing with some 40k and Fantasy army books so the models wouldn't shift.

I'm happy to report that every model made the move successfully - I had zero broken models when I opened the container and there were no touch ups needed to any paint. Here's a photo of everything unpacked and in its new home.

  1. A few Crimson Fists, Malifaux, and my box of unopened models (just that little box!).
  2. The whole Khador army, with a few unpainted stragglers on the left.
  3. Unpainted Trolls, with many more in my transport bag. The Cygnar will go here soon as well.
  4. Wood Elves and my small Empire contingent hiding on the left.
  5. Books, foam full of Crimson Fists, and bits boxes.
  6. A little bit of scenery and my transport bag full of Trolls.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Privateer Press September Releases

PP has published their September release schedule and there are quite a few good looking things on it.

First, it is clearly a good month to be a Troll player. The new Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods comes out, as does Gunnbjorn and the Stonekeeper UA. I'll probably hold off on the models for now and just pick up the Troll book - I have way too many unpainted Trolls right now to start thinking about any new ones.

Second, my small Cygnar army (currently numbering 5 models) is clamoring for that plastic battlebox. Just because I have too many unpainted Trolls doesn't mean I can't add some more unpainted Cygnar! I am super excited to get my hands on some of Privateer's new plastics and to see if I can magnetize that heavy 'jack. This is another purchase that is going to have to wait a little bit but I'm just happy that these things are finally being released.

image from Privateer Press

There's also the new No Quarter coming out so I can see more stuff that I want to buy.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Summary

I was able to successfully move into my new apartment over the past few days and it was incredibly exhausting. August was a good month for me, despite my rather slow blogging schedule.

Painting for Points
I started with 52 points and added 6 Kayazy and 6 Kriel Warriors, bringing my 2010 total to 64 points - not too bad!

New Model Fund
After all of my ebay success recently I forgave all of my model fund debts and started last month with 0 dollars. I was very good this month and didn't purchase anything, so I have 50 dollars in my budget for September. There are a few things coming up this month that I'm looking at but I'll probably keep the spending limited to the new No Quarter and the Trolls book.